Corona information

Dear students,

we hope you are all well and healthy in these difficult times!!!

Current information on the corona situation at FAU is bundled in a central page. You can access this information here.

The semester starts regularly on 20.04. and the lecture period is extended by two weeks. Cancelled exams may still take place during the lecture period in SS 2020. Examination dates will be announced at least four weeks in advance.

Since there are no classroom courses, most lectures will be held online via StudOn. You will find a corresponding link at each lecture in UnivIS or on the websites of the chairs. It is planned to record most lectures and upload them to StudOn, but we cannot yet estimate how much data volume StudOn will be able to hold. Please try to follow the live transmission of the lectures.

The following lectures for ASC cannot take place or not as announced:
Lab Course Image and Video Compression: will take place with a late start or as a block course during the semester break
Lab Course Mobile Communications: lab course with required attendance; cannot take place now; possibly block course in summer/autumn

ASC Summer School: not cancelled yet, but uncertain.

Selected Topics: live-stream via MS Teams like scheduled