Scholarship / Student job

ASC students have a guarantee to work as research assistants during their first year of studies, which is a great way of gaining hands-on research experience while getting paid. This option applies for holders of a Bachelor’s deegre only. Other regulations are valid for holders of a Master’s degree.

A wide range of jobs are offered, including preparing lecture materials, assistance in lab course, implementation of algorithms and many more. Students can contact professors or Ph.D students for further information.

Students are encouraged to utilize synergies between their student jobs and their research projects. Doing so, students can expand their horizon by working on new subjects, possibly related to one’s area of interest, and have a better and deeper understanding on the topics learned before.

Furthermore, students might need to rely on literature as the starting point of their own project, hence honing their literature review skill, which is a critical part of the master thesis and the Ph.D work. Lastly, the opportunity provides an important financial support so that students can afford at least a part of their living expenses.

Interested students can also apply for scholarships via organizations like DAAD or BAYHOST. See also the scholarships page of FAU.