What is ASC?

  • A 4-semester Elite Master's programme within the „Elitenetzwerk Bayern" (Elite Network of Bavaria) taught in English for highly qualified students that aim for higher career goals.
  • Designed for holders of outstanding Bachelor's degrees in Electrical Engineering, Communications Engineering, Computer Science, or closely related disciplines.
  • Focusing on fundamental concepts for advanced technologies in the areas of signal processing and communications such as: information theory, coding, and statistical signal processing, machine learning, optimization, and game theory.
  • Students deepen the broad interdisciplinary scope of these topics choosing from various areas of specialization.

What makes ASC different?

  • A kick-off seminar right before the winter semester.
  • A winter school complements the scientific education with soft-skills, in general, and project and people management and business development, in particular.
  • The study programme includes three research projects, one of them being the six-month master thesis. The minor and major research projects allow the student to combine lectures, seminars and research to create an individual study plan.
  • Publication of research results and participation in conferece presentations is strongly encouraged.
  • A summer school prepares the students for the research-based training in the 2nd year of the programme.
  • Each student can choose at least one supervising ASC-professor within a special mentoring program.
  • Mentors provide help in setting up an individualized study programme tailored to the students' interest and career goals.
  • ASC-scholarship: Student jobs for all students are guaranteed to cover their cost of living.