International Students

  • Tuition Fees: There is no tuition fee in FAU but every student should pay 127 Euro per semester for student services and a semester ticket. The semester ticket is valid for public transportation in Nuremberg, Erlangen and Fürth on weekends and public holidays all day long and during working days from 7pm to 6am. Students can promote their tickets to whole week by paying an extra fee (for more information visit here
  • Visa: Before coming to Germany you need to check the visa requirements for your case. For further information see the Visa Information provided by DAAD.
  • Residence Permit: If you are interested in complementing your financial resources by working in Germany, you should consult this page to find out how to obtain a working permit.
  • Health Insurance: In Germany, health coverage is mandatory. Several major insurance companies have branch offices in Erlangen. For more information on the types of insurances offered and your eligibility you should consult TF International Office, FAU Central Office for International Affairs or the Student Health Insurance Information site. The Studentenwerk Erlangen also offers helpful advice.
  • International Students at FAU: The official university website offers practical information for prospective students.
  • Gender: ASC promotes the professional equality of women and therefore urges women to apply. The University of Erlangen-Nuermberg has been a member of the Best Practice Club “Family in the University” since 2016. The ARIADNETechNat mentoring programme provides targeted support to female students and young researchers seeking to progress in their academic career. Each participant receives one-to-one mentoring, free of charge and tailored to their career stage and specific needs, to support their career planning, as well as having the opportunity to attend specific seminars.
  • Accommodation: Accommodation in Erlangen ranges from €250 to €400 per month and person depending on size and type. For more information regarding accommodation, please visit here:
  • Costs of Living: The minimum cost of living (including accommodation) in Erlangen ranges from €650 to €800 per month and student. For a more detailed information please visit
  • Food prices on campus: For information about the food variety and prices in the canteens of FAU, please see Students pay the lowest rate.