Winter and Summer School

Winter School:

ASC students will participate in a one-week winter school held at the end of the first semester, with lectures that focus on industrial and professional experience. While scientific knowledge is one thing, social ability is also important to one’s career. The main focus of the winter school is people and project management.


Summer School:

ASC students are required to participate in a two-week summer school jointly operated by TUM, Uni Stuttgart and FAU. It takes place after the second semester at the “Ferienakademie” in Sarntal, in which students from the three universities and various disciplines gather to work on timely projects.

Students work in small groups on dedicated scientific topics that change from year to year. During the summer school, students will give presentations, submit reports, discuss their results in depth with both fellow students and spuervisors, and compile proceedings. Alternatively, students can also design software projects which they will implement in this two-week period. Aside from scientific projects, the summer school is accompanied by many social activities, including hiking and campfire talks with industry leaders. Throughout this two-week summer school, ASC students have practical hands-on experience while having fun with their peers.