What makes ASC different?

  • Within a special mentoring program each student can choose their supervising ASC-professor. Mentors provide help in setting up an individualized study plan tailored to the students’ interests and career goals. Throughout the duration of study, the mentoring professors will work closely with their students, providing academic guidelines and career path suggestions.
  • All ASC students are offered a research assistant position. This is a great way of gaining hands-on research experience while getting paid.
  • The study programme includes two or three research projects, one of them being the six-month master thesis. The programme is very flexible. For the major and minor (optional) research projects, students can arrange their own schedule by attending related seminars and lectures freely.
  • In addition to scientific topics the curriculum includes three special events: A kick-off seminar right before the winter semester, a winter school between the first and second semester, and a summer school before the third semester. The one-week winter school offers trainings on soft-skills, such as project and people management and business development. A two-week summer school prepares the students for the research-based training by working on scientific projects in a team.
  • Publication of research results and participation in conference presentations are strongly encouraged.



Type of Module ECTS Module 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Mandatory Modules


5 Mathematical Optimization for Communications and Signal Processing 5
5 Information Theory and Coding 5
5 Statistical Signal Processing 5
5 Machine Learning in Signal Processing 5
5 Deep Learning 5
2.5 Game Theory with Applications to Information Engineering 2.5
2.5 Selected Topics in ASC 2.5
5 Kick-Off Seminar, Winter School, Summer School 2.5 2.5
15 Research Project (Major)* 15
Mandatory Elective Modules

see list

15 Technical Mandatory Elective Courses* 15
5 Technical Lab Courses 2.5 2.5
Elective Modules 5 Nontechnical Elective Courses* 5
15 Technical Elective Courses* 15
Thesis* 30 30
Total 120 30 27.5 32.5 30

*IMPORTANT: Examination achievements in the marked (*) sections can be repeated only once. All other examination achievements can be repeated twice. Please refer to the Degree Programme and Examination Regulations for the Elite Master’s Degree Programme in Advanced Signal Processing & Communications Engineering (ASC) – FPOASC – at the Faculty of Engineering, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) Section 46 (3).