What makes ASC different?

  • A kick-off seminar right before the winter semester.
  • In addition to scientific topics, the one-week winter school offers trainings on soft-skills, such as project and people management and business development.
  • A two-week summer school prepares the students for the research-based training by working on scientific projects in a team.
  • The study programme includes three research projects, one of them being the six-month master thesis. The programme is very flexible. For the major and minor research projects, students can arrange their own schedule by attending related seminars and lectures freely.
  • Publication of research results and participation in conference presentations are strongly encouraged.
  • Each student can choose at least one supervising ASC-professor within a special mentoring program.
  • Mentors provide help in setting up an individualized study programme tailored to the students’ interest and career goals.
  • ASC-scholarship: Students are guaranteed to get a student job to cover at least a part of their cost of living.