Research Projects

The ASC is an elite program that educates students for research. All ASC students will acquire research experiences through two or more research projects, and have opportunities to publish their work in various conferences.

The projects are intended to develop the students’ skills for carrying out their own scientific research after graduation. There are a wide range of topics for students to choose from: audio processing, video coding, wireless communications, molecular communication, system design and implementation, machine learning, game theory, information theory, communication networks, or embedded systems.

Students can get various opportunities for international research cooperation from the mentoring professor, potentially leading to staying abroad. To determine a topic, the students are required to consult with their mentors first. In addition to master’s thesis, the student will also work on at least one student projects (major). The student can also select another project (minor) within the mandatory elective modules with different size and scope. If selected, both projects have to be completed at two different institutions.

The student projects bridge the gap between theoretical foundations and technical implementations. Students will have the opportunity to put theory into practice, and have hands-on experience on real-world applications. More advanced lectures and one-on-one directed reading courses deepen the students’ knowledge.

Upon graduation, the students will be equipped with extensive research experiences and skills, and well prepared for subsequent doctoral studies or the job market.

At least one of the research projects has to be presented at the ASC-Forum.