Mentoring Programmes

Mentoring Programme for ASC-Students

ASC has an outstanding mentoring programme. With the help of a mentoring professor in their interested field of study, ASC- students improve their understanding of the career paths and resources available to them, as well as receive resume and career advice from professionals within their desired professions. Throughout the duration of study, the mentoring professors will work closely with their students, providing academic guidelines and career path suggestions. In addition, the mentoring professors assist their students with the preparation of their study plans and their future careers. Closely interacting with individual students, the mentoring professor provides advice tailored to the needs and interests of each individual student.


Gender Mentoring Programme

Young women are still underrepresented in engineering degree programmes in Germany. For this reason, ASC would like to connect outstanding female bachelor students at FAU with a mentor who will provide support during their bachelor studies. The mentor, who belongs to the circle of ASC professors, meets his protégés regularly to exchange information with them about their study progress. He informs them about the latest trends in research and teaching and advises them with regard to a possible ASC application. Interested female students who are interested in ASC topics are encouraged to contact: asc-admission(at)