ASC Concept

The program emphasizes fundamental concepts of modern technologies in the areas of signal processing and communications. Through hands-on experiments and research projects, students can build a solid understanding in one or more of the technical subjects, including information theory, statistical signal processing, machine learning, optimization, and game theory. ASC is flexible in terms of students’ course schedule. Students plan their own schedules according to their interests, specializations, and research directions.

With our mentoring program, students can choose a mentoring professor according to their preferred direction of study. These professors will work closely with the students throughout their studies. They guide the students in structuring their own curricula tailored to their individual interests and career goals, and provide suggestions for career paths.

The four-semester curriculum includes three special events: A kick-off seminar right before the winter semester, a winter school between the first and second semester, and a summer school before the third semester. The kick-off seminar allows students to get in touch with each other and their future professors right before the start of the program. The winter school offers training on soft-skills, such as project and people management and business development. The summer school prepares the students for research-based training by working on scientific projects in a team. In addition to the events offered by the programme, students can opt for participation in various events organized by the Elitenetzwerk Bayern.